About Me

What I wrote about myself in March 2015
I am a person, lost in life. I’ve walked many paths and most of them were pretty rough. I use my blog for many reasons. One of those is because writing brings me some kind of peace.

I’m nearing the Big 3 – which I don’t mind. Age brings wisdom and wisdom is a thing that never becomes abundant. I’m currently living in the United Arab Emirates. I love books, music and good food. I’m not so good with people, but I sometimes give it a try.

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What I wrote about myself in November 2013
Obviously this page needs an update. But as I’m really not good at writing about myself, I’ll get back to it somewhere in the future. Writing an about me page… I find it one of the hardest things there is. Who am I? To be honest: I do not know. I am me, a person loved by the people around her. But am I really that person?
No, I am not that person that everyone thinks. I am fragile and sensitive. I try to cover up myself. I pretend. That’s what I’ve been good at my whole life. I am the one that’s always smiling to the mass. I am the one making other people smile. But then again, that’s not me.
To know more about me, read my blog entries and find out who I am.
What I wrote about myself in January 2012
Age: mid twenties
Zodiac: LEO (and I’m a true one)
Fav quote: Omnia mea mecum porto
Location: Amman, Jordan
Job: Freelance in several domains
Interests: literature, music, gastronomy, culture, technology, photography
  • ramigb

    great blog dear keep rocking.

  • Amani

    You rock……is there any mosque in Amman where the women are in the same room as the men? I am visiting very soon and would like to attend some prayers while I am there. I am muslim, in America i have not experienced the seperatism women have to endure in Amman,
    What mosque in Amman is more progressive. Please email me at greythound64@comcast.net if you can. thanks…………Salaam Alaikum

    • Hey Amani. Thank you for stopping by. I’ve asked around and it seems there is no mosque where men and women pray in the same room.

  • William Boswell


    I believe you to be the owner of the attached photo. I would like to request usage of the photo in a video I am working on. It titled ROAD_LARGE on the main page of your site under SO WHERE DO I GO NOW?.

    If you would like to provide official permission then please fill in the form below, email this back to me
    and I will be very grateful and provide notice of copyright to you. Otherwise, I will look elsewhere for the right photo.

    Best Regards,

    William Boswell
    615-319-8150 cell
    Nashville, TN.



    I, _______________________________, hereby claim that I am the copyright owner of the photograph entitled,

    “__________________________” which is attached hereto (below), and I hereby grant permission to William

    Boswell to use such still photograph in the music video entitled, “What Will I Do” for

    non-commercial, but public use only.
    Photograph copyright owner’s signature



    • Dear William,
      I don’t own that picture. I’ve found it on Google Images.